I got inspired to create this drink by all of the sage in my garden and by cranberry season. I tried this Austin East Spiced Cider with it that was great. Add in Bacardi Gold Rum and BAM, there it is. The addition of the essential oils took it over the top. You will think you are drinking Thanksgiving with this drink.

4 ounces dry Cider beer

2 ounces gold rum

2 ounces of Cranberry Sage Simple Syrup (see below)

In a tall cocktail glass filled with ice, first pour in cider, then rum, then syrup. The cranberry will sink to the bottom, so drinking with a straw is nice. Garnish with fresh sage leaf.

Cranberry Sage Simple Syrup

1 tablespoon freeze-dried cranberries, ground

1 cup of water 2 cups of sugar

1 can whole-berry cranberry sauce

one large sprig of sage

5 drops Orange essential oil

4 drops Sage essential oil

In a medium saucepan bring to a boil the water, sugar, cranberry, and sage for three minutes, stirring once. Remove from heat, cover and set aside until room temperature. Pick out the sage. Drop in essential oils. If you plan to store this for later use, you may have to refresh the essential oils before using later, as they will dissipate over time.

Written by Chef John O'Neil