Cooking With Essential Oils

By Chef John O'Neil

As a chef, John used herbs and spices in cooking. But, the first time he used a drop of lemon essential oil in a salad dressing, he became a believer in the power of oils. He continues to be amazed at how the concentrated essential oils bring flavor to old recipes. Here, he gathered his best recipes using essential oils to bring you in this book. Oh, did I mention it was all done from his own home?

This cookbook features recipes using essential oils that are created by Chef John O’Neil. Chef John received classic culinary training from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale Arizona.

Chef John showcases essential oils in thirty-nine recipes. Ranging from complex to simple, Chef John walks through the steps to create the dishes using different essential oils.

Chef John’s book features beautiful, full-color pictures of each recipe, taken while he actually prepared recipe. Some of the dishes were prepared during home parties featuring essential oils.

Chef John shares his love of cooking with essential oils with friends and family, educating others on how oils can flavor the dish but also support your family’s health and wellness.

Chef John’s book is available in two forms – paperback available on Amazon and a digital pdf download. If you need bulk orders, contact Chef John directly for special pricing.

About Chef John O'Neil

Chef John O’Neil began cooking at the age of three when his mother caught him at the gas stove making “eggies” while standing on a chair. “I almost burned the house down,” Chef John says. “But, I’ve been interested in cooking all of my life.” 

His father worked as a cook during John’s youth. They didn’t have much money, so special occasions were celebrated by preparing a meal from scratch together at home. “My father taught me how to make homemade pasta and ravioli,” he says. “Those times are some of my fondest memories as a child.” 

After his honorable discharge from the Navy, and working in kitchens in the Phoenix area, John graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute and began chef-ing in kitchens from Arizona to Texas. He has over 20-years chef experience.

Accustomed to using herbs and spices in cooking, the first time he used a couple of drops of lemon essential oil in a vinaigrette dressing, he was a solid believer. He continues to be amazed at how the concentrated essential oil drops can bring flavor to old recipes. 

Next, he used peppermint essential oil to make peppermint brownies. Mint brownies never tasted so good. He started putting essential oils in every dish he tried. He learned that, for some of the oils, less is more; where with other oils, the stronger flavor really adds a unique quality to the dish.

He gathered his best recipes using essential oils to bring you in this book. 

You can find Chef John on YouTube with his video-blogging channel (@ChefJohnOneil) and on Instagram (@chef.john.oneil) and on Facebook (@chefjohnoneil) where he posts about food, barbecue, and everything in between.

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