By far the most beautiful barbecue restaurant that we’ve seen is Switch BBQ in Dripping Springs. The main dining room is 6,200 square feet plus the patio and pit room and features beautiful post oak wood floors.

The bar… man-oh-man … the bar is beautiful. Made out of high-end Sinker Cypress wood, it forms the center of the entire dining room and just makes you want to cozy up there and sit a while. My favorite design feature is the smoking bull – a big bull head smoking a large pipe – over the entrance.

Switch BBQ also features a window into the sausage room where customers can literally watch the sausage be made while standing in line.

The pit room features four giant, beautiful 1000 gallon offset Moberg smokers and an interesting cabinet Moberg smoker that is used for sausage. The pitworkers begged for a large screen tv, and their wish was granted. Now they can watch football and make brisket – which may be the most perfect situation ever.

The most notable difference between Switch BBQ and most other barbecue joints is that Switch is a sit-down restaurant. Instead of ordering and watching your meat be sliced and chopped, Switch has you order from a menu with a waiter. This deviation feels strange and less like a place that should have great ‘cue.

The menu has a definite Cajun feel, including boudin sausage. The brisket was what you would expect from a low-and-slow, central-Texas-oak smoking.

Written by Chef John O'Neil