Miller’s Smokehouse in Belton – where barbecue, pie, coffee, and brunch all get together for a Saturday morning hang out. The Miller family started out in the taxidermy business. Then, when Dusty Miller was in college, he suggested using the family’s business property to make barbecue during the off-season. Over time, the barbecue business grew so that in 2008 the family moved the business into its current location in downtown Belton.

In 2018, Dusty Miller recognized that Belton could use some good coffee, so he added a professional espresso machine. If you have an espresso machine, you should roast coffee. So, the Miller family added a coffee roasting machine in a warehouse and started roasting the coffee to serve in the restaurant. Interestingly, the acidity of coffee pairs well with smoked meat, so it really makes sense.

One day Momma Miller made pie to serve in the restaurant, which grew into a full-time bakeshop. When we visited Miller’s we had the sopaipilla cheesecake pie. I can tell you I have never had anything so decadent and delicious in all my life. What a treat that pie is! And now, desserts make up 10% of total sales for the restaurant. Pretty fine stats for a bakeshop in a barbecue place.

Most recently, the Miller family added brunch to the menu. If you go for brunch, you have to get the pimento cheese grits with coffee-rubbed, smoked pork belly. Man, that shit was good! Oh, and the wakin’ bacon – homemade bacon with an espresso rub. The biscuits were so good too. But that pimento grits with pork belly is a dish to dream about.

Miller’s is so good, we’ve been twice. It’s the only place we’ve gone more than once in our Backroads and BBQ Jeep tour. If you’re driving southbound on I-35, pull on off in Belton and get some of their food at Miller’s. You will be so glad you did!

Written by Chef John O'Neil