The Meyer’s Sausage story began in the late 1800s when founder Henry Meyer immigrated from Germany to the United States. With him, he brought the family recipe for smoked sausage. Henry taught the secret recipe to his son R.G. Meyer.

During the depression era, R.G. began smoking his family recipe sausage at home and feeding the neighbors. In 1949, R.G. opened the storefront of Meyer’s Sausage in the home it still occupies now. Their website is Why cuetopia? Because R.G. said, “Cue-topia is the perfect state of barbecue!”

In 2005, Meyer’s began shipping their sausages and sauces nationwide. Now you can get their entire line of barbecue shipped straight to your door.

Meyer’s Texas Original Sausage is the one-and-same recipe brought over from Germany. It is a pork sausage with minimal seasonings. Because it is a German recipe, the seasonings are a mild black pepper base. Order some here: Their Texas Sausage won 3rd place at the 1996 Texas Sausage Championship in Halletsville, Texas. In grocery store sales, Meyers’ ranks #2.

On the day of our visit, I loved seeing the old sausage stuffing machine that greets you when you enter. The parts all still move, so it would probably be able to stuff some sausage if one were inclined to use the manual method instead of the modern machine stuffer that is now most common. It would be fun one day, if they would let me, to actually crank that thing up and see if it still works.

Written by Chef John O'Neil