After serving as a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy, Chef John O’Neil returned to his first love…food and restaurants.

“I worked my through restaurants, both in the front of house and in the kitchens, learning all that I could. My father impressed upon me that if I wanted to be in restaurants I should learn EVERY part of them, making myself an asset to any organization.”

After working in restaurants for many years, Chef John graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute’s Le Cordon Bleu Program with a degree in Culinary Arts and restaurant management. He then began working mainly in kitchens from Arizona to Texas.

“While in Culinary School I worked at Cowboy Ciao for the most amazing chef I had ever encountered, Bernie Kantak(chef/Owner of Citizen Pub House in Scottsdale and The Gladly in Phoenix). It was there under his guidance(probably more patience than not) I was able to use all of the skills I had learned up top that point in creating multi-course tastings, features and pairings on a then 2,500 menu wine list.”

Chef John later served as the Head Culinary Instructor for Collin College’s Culinary Arts AAS program, where at one time or another, he taught every class offered including Basics and Fundamentals,  International Cuisine, Saucier, Baking/Patisserie, and Meat Fabrication.

“While there I authored a teaching manual, Fundamentals of Stocks and Sauces, not just for the Saucier course, but as a quick-reference and recipe guide for students to take into their careers.”

Chef John then turned his attention to coffee, owning a coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado. There, he truly learned coffee, the science and art of cupping and roasting from Matt Kay, Owner/Master Roaster of Silver Canyon Coffee in Boulder. The first and oldest independent coffee roaster in Colorado still in business.

Chef John is now focuses on Live Fire Cooking, hosting and catering amazing Live Fire Tasting Experiences.  He is  the owner/creator Dude Food Fire Custom Spice Blends.

“Over many years and many kitchens, I have curated spice blends for what seems like every flavor combination imaginable.”

Beef and Potato Pie

Similar to Shepherd's Pie, this is a classic Argentinian recipe, traditionally cooked in a wood-fire oven

Jezebel Wings

Perfect for your next tailgate, backyard bbq, or family gathering. Just the right amount of heat and flavor!

Mama Dini Chicken

Mama Dini creates an unbelievable depth of flavor that willl take your food to the next level!

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Dude Food Fire

Dude Food Fire went from a Dream to a Reality while working from home during the pandemic. I am excited to offer fresh, high quality spice blends with unbeatable flavor directly to your door. Visit today for spice blends, recipes from Chef John, Dude Food Fire Gear, and much more. Be on the lookout for my new Texas BBQ Box, coming soon. Experience the different flavors that represent the distinct regions of Texas BBQ – Austin, Dallas, Longview, Lubbock, El Paso, and Brownsville – which will be your favorite?

Cook Book

As a chef, John uses herbs and spices in cooking. But, the first time he used a drop of lemon essential oil in a salad dressing, he became a believer in the power of oils. He continues to be amazed at how the concentrated essential oils bring flavor to old recipes. Here, he gathered his best recipes using essential oils to bring you in this book. Oh, did I mention it was all done from his own home?